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Firearm Rights

Need to get your gun rights back? I can help. 

Many people have had their firearms rights stripped from them, sometimes for an offense that was eventually dismissed. Some people don't even realize that they lost their rights, because it was never mentioned when they were convicted. Often your firearm rights can be restored.

Guns have been a part of life in this state since before we were a state.  Maybe you like to hunt, or even just have a friend who does. Maybe you want the security of a firearm to protect your family. Maybe you just like the way they look. The reason doesn't matter. Your rights do. 

As long as your conviction was not for one of the permanent disqualifiers, like Class A felonies (Murder and other serious crimes) or sex offenses, we can likely restore your rights once you have completed any jail time and spent at least 5 years without a conviction.  

Call today for a free consultation. I am happy to help, usually for a low flat fee.

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