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Laukkonen Law, PLLC

Elder Law

Dedicated to the delicate art of ensuring everyone has access to the justice system, I have centered my practice on Elder Law, Disability Law, and adjacent legal issues. You deserve justice, no matter your age, health, or abilities. And sometimes, justice means finding our own creative solutions that the court might not have even considered. Let's work together to find a solution that not only wins - it fits!

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Estate Planning

Are you a new parent who wants to be sure your child or children are taken care of, should something happen to you? Or maybe you just want to be sure your estate doesn't go to the state and instead goes to family, friends, or even a charity.
If you own any real property (residence, land, vacation home, etc.), or if your personal property (your stuff) is worth more than a small amount, someone will have to probate your estate after your death. Working out a plan ahead of time can ensure your loved ones honor your wishes smoothly and simply.

Elder law and Guardianships

It is a fact of life, that we all grow old, and the world around us does not always take the best care of our elders. If you are aging or caring for an aging loved one, you know that it takes a little extra help to manage.

Whether it means Assisted Living, a Guardianship, or community resources, there are hurdles everywhere, and we do not always recognize that some of them are legal in nature.

If you need help or do not even know where to start, give us a call to arrange a consult. We will work together to identify and address the legal challenges, and we will help you look for resources for the remaining needs.


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